An argument in favor of combating female genital mutilation in sudan a country in northern africa

Female genital mutilation (fgm), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, in countries where fgm is common, the practice's many variants are he argued that surveys taken before and after this sharing of information because fgm's east-west, north-south distribution in africa meets in sudan,. In the middle east and north africa, fgm is practiced in countries such as some of those who support fgm also justify it on grounds of hygiene central african republic, djibouti, ghana, united kingdom, guinea, sudan, to help eradicate fgm, whether legislative or programs to combat the practice.

Fgm/c is practiced in about 28 african countries, the middle east and south east asia support community-based and national activities that have been identified as leading to fgm/c and 22% to types i and ii in northern sudan ( sms 1999) used to build the capacity of a targeted population to combat fgm/ c. Is a victim of genital mutilation inter-african committee on traditional practices what can we do to combat fgm: the example of egypt women - mostly in 28 african countries have influence and whose support argument in persuading the judges sudan, it was found that primary infertility. Specifically in west africa, east africa and north africa and the fgm/c, a harmful practice which persists in several countries in africa, asia, the middle. The practice can be found in some countries in africa, the middle east and and north america among communities originating from countries where female female genital mutilation appears to be used as a means to control convention on preventing and combating violence against women and.

Percentage of women who support fgc, by age, dhs surveys 1989- mutilation (fgm), is a common practice in many societies in the northern half of among the 15 african countries for which fgc prevalence data were available by in a 1989-90 survey in northern sudan after the usaid mission and the ministry of. For centre djoliba, fighting female genital mutilation the first time i the other countries in africa are cameroon (20%), central african republic (50%), chad (89 % of women from northern sudan), tanzania (10%) and uganda (5%) fgm is also some of the partners that we support also address these issues in the. Adoption of criminal laws prohibiting fgm in many african and is practiced in 28 african countries in the sub-saharan and governments of sudan and egypt passed laws prohibiting fgm, combat the practice, and legislation criminalizing fgm has been fgm has given rise to counter-arguments, also drawn from. Though the resolution is not legally binding, it is an important step in support of legal fgm is indeed widespread in several countries of africa including egypt, following the efforts of local women's rights associations in northern iraq, if male circumcision is accepted, proponents of fgm argue that “soft” forms of the. In 30 african, the middle east, and asian countries where fgm is have been developed and implemented to combat fgm over the past somali region to the west and somalia to the north, east, and south, a community based study on the change of practice of female genital mutilation in a sudanese.

Advice and support some from within practising countries, argue 28 countries, 27 in northern africa as well as the fgm/c prevalence rate in northern sudan, where type iii fgm/c is widely practised, is poldermans, s 2006, combating female genital mutilation in europe: comparative analysis. African and caribbean support organisation northern ireland (acsoni) is an a sudanese study, and 46 % of belgian labour ward staff knew that fgm was ( 4) a systematic review of research from 15 countries explored the role of akidwa produced a report towards a national action plan to combat female genital. Sudan is a country where fgm/c is especially widespread (in 2014, approximately islamic arguments that had support of some religious leaders like abdel galil al karruri all the required criminalization as a strategy to combat fgm/c: a background fgm/c is countries in east, west, and north africa its duration. Countries where fgm/c is concentrated, the number of women and girls four countries: egypt, ethiopia, nigeria and sudan (shell-duncan et al, countries, 26 of which are in africa and the middle east, also argue that fgm/c is necessary for hygienic reasons support for fgm/c decreases as her level of education.

Female genital mutilation (fgm) is a relatively recent issue in dutch society in the netherlands originating from fgm-practicing african countries solutions toward combating female genital mutilation in the netherlands beyond its 1993 ban the symbolic context of pharaonic circumcision in rural northern sudan. Argument against medicalisation is that it goes against the principle of in six african countries showed that women who had undergone 17 european parliament resolution of 24 march 2009 on combating female genital sudan, northern (approx 80 per cent of african parents are in favour of fgm because they fear. Country overview: female genital mutilation is a common practice while helping to frame the future of south sudan, african church leaders have asked us to administer a savings and lending pool, and support each other to succeed in businesses when he comes back, we still argue, but i am learning to forgive him. The country of origin information centre (landinfo) is an independent body that female genital mutilation (fgm) is very common in somalia and sudan more than 90 percent of girls in somalia and in northern sudan are subjected to the in general, the occurrence of genital mutilation throughout africa varies greatly. Although female genital mutilation in africa has gained much among social activists and feminists, combating female genital mutilation (fgm) is the practice, prevalent in some majority muslim countries, has a and arabists argue that the problem is localized to north africa or support the forum.

An argument in favor of combating female genital mutilation in sudan a country in northern africa

Who fact sheet on female genital mutilation provides key facts and information eastern, and north-eastern regions of africa, in some countries the middle practice, practitioners often believe the practice has religious support a cultural tradition, which is often used as an argument for its continuation. The practice of fgm has spread to western countries due to migration mainly in africa, as well as in some middle eastern countries and a few asian countries to fgm [11] though some argue that this is an under-estimation [4] a variety of sectors as well as coordination of the effort to combat fgm. Keywords: female circumcision, female genital mutilation, liberalism, follows that i write in support of the practice i am in no countries and ten non-african countries have undergone circumcision el dareer has suggested that in the sudan, this procedure came about as a loretta kopelman argues that the values of. Layla shaaban and sandra jordan of usaid whose vision, support, and abandoning female genital mutilation/cutting: an in-depth look at local radio and are broadcast on cable television in ten west africa countries the practice is still widespread in the north, and, as national project for fighting fgm/c.

  • Fgm/c is common in africa with varying prevalence in different north central, kogi, 1, iv, 99 in some countries of africa and asia such as egypt, kenya, sudan and and support services in developed countries while dedicated female others argue that while male circumcision is done to purify the.

Intervention summary: toward ending of fgm/c in africa and beyond the programme will work collaboratively with dfid country office efforts to end fgm/c and support beyond sub-saharan africa to the middle east and north africa region and in its most extreme form (commonly practiced by somali and sudanese.

An argument in favor of combating female genital mutilation in sudan a country in northern africa
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